Ash dieback disease is an air-borne fungal infection of ash trees that has potential to kill young trees and render older ash susceptible to fatal infections by pathogens like honey fungus. There appears to be very limited resistance to ash dieback across Europe. The spread of the disease across the country is inevitable. These recommendations aim to slow the spread of the disease; improve woodlands’ resilience to disease; and ensure that ES agreements are not put at risk.  The full article can be found within the Ash Dieback page of our website

Compiled by Chris Reid, Emma Goldberg and Charlotte Lemmon, Natural England's latest information includes advice on and for Environmental Stewardship and SSSI owners/occupiers.

There is information & advice about ash dieback on Forestry Commission’s (FC) website, at This note adds to the FC’s advice, particularly for woodlands and trees of high conservation importance.

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