Caption: Ash tree in early June
Caption: The same ash tree on 11th July

After late frosts in spring some ash trees were looking particularly sad. Indeed, now that a few months of summer have passed (and the rain has arrived!), it is easier to see which ones were just nipped by the frost, and those that are suffering from dieback. This reaffirms being cautious early in the year, but it also confirms that the disease is still spreading and that more mature trees are becoming affected. Some trees may require action, in particular where safety is of a concern.

These photographs show the same ash tree in early June and then on 11th July. In early June, there were a good number of ash in leaf, particularly higher up the valley. However, many lower in the valley had in fact been frosted, with black leaves or bare crowns. Notably the ash in the centre of the photograph has come into full leaf and is healthy, whereas others in the area aren’t in such good shape.

Since our earlier article in June, the tree council have published an excellent advice document which is linked here

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