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Woodland Wisdom

  • New skills for the forest training programme launched.

    By Sarah Rose, 01 September 2014 – 0 comments

    Cumbria Woodlands is pleased to announce that we have managed to secure some funding to run some long awaited training courses.

    Some of the courses will be free, others will be part funded and some self funded. Covering traditonal skills, skills for industry and management.

    From Bats to Chainsaws take

Courses & Events

  • Deer Impact Assessment

    Wednesday 8 October 2014

    The Deer Initiative

    Impact Assessment day

    Location: Peil Wyke, Bassenthwaite Lake, Cockermouth, Cumbria CA13 9YG

    Cost: £25

Our clients say…

  • The knowledge gained has been priceless, the experience of relevant forestry topics will help to grow my business in my area of focussed expertise and that will be the ultimate value to me

  • I attended the the Introduction to Woodland Management course, and it was so good, and had such a positive effect on me, that only this week I have embarked upon a BSc in Forest and Woodland Management with the University of Cumbria, so I would say that was a successful intro!

  • The Cumbria Woodlands coppicing course was very well presented and the mix of practical and theory was just right. Lots of opportunity to practise the different skills on various coppice, great support and guidance delivered well with plenty of advice offered to those who wanted to know about coppicing for their own situations. Would like to do more of this as a refresher - thoroughly enjoyed and very good teachings - highly recommend.

  • Loved the CS 32/34 chainsaw 'windblow' course last week at beautiful Thirlmere. Learned how many bad chainsaw habits I've picked up it over the years!

Notices and promotions

  • Forestry Apprentice Scheme - get involved!

    Bringing new people into to the industry and improving the connections within the sector is the focus of a new partnership Cumbria Woodlands and the Farmer Network have been developing over the past few months. We are keen to hear from forestry companies who are thinking about taking on extra staff to see how this fits with funded apprenticeship programmes. We will explain the scheme to forest companies and guide you through the application process. The forestry sector needs more trained and knowledgeable people and this is one way of making it happen, which is thanks to support from DEFRA’s Rural Growth Network and the Forestry Commission.  Contact Neville on 01539 822140 or neville@cumbriawoodlands.co.uk to find out more.

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