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Woodland Wisdom

  • Can we give you money to plant trees?

    By Clare Villanueva, 16 January 2018 – 0 comments

    West Cumbria Water Supplies Planting Fund

    Are you keen to plant trees, hedges or woodlands in West Cumbria? If so we want to hear from you!

    United Utilities have funds available to plant of trees, hedges and woodlands in the valleys surrounding the West Cumbria Water Supplies Project. The fund has

Courses & Events

  • Overview of courses

    Friday 01 December 2017 - Sunday 30 December 2018

    2018 training courses

    If there are other courses you'd like to see, please do let us know! You can also sign up for our

Our clients say…

  • Extremely knowledgable instructor, great site, good notes and plenty of time to practice new skills

  • The knowledge gained has been priceless, the experience of relevant forestry topics will help to grow my business in my area of focussed expertise and that will be the ultimate value to me

  • I attended the the Introduction to Woodland Management course, and it was so good, and had such a positive effect on me, that only this week I have embarked upon a BSc in Forest and Woodland Management with the University of Cumbria, so I would say that was a successful intro!

  • The Cumbria Woodlands coppicing course was very well presented and the mix of practical and theory was just right. Lots of opportunity to practise the different skills on various coppice, great support and guidance delivered well with plenty of advice offered to those who wanted to know about coppicing for their own situations. Would like to do more of this as a refresher - thoroughly enjoyed and very good teachings - highly recommend.

  • Loved the CS 32/34 chainsaw 'windblow' course last week at beautiful Thirlmere. Learned how many bad chainsaw habits I've picked up it over the years!

Notices and promotions

  • Forest Seedlings - a new publication from the Forestry Commission

    The ability to accurately identify tree and shrub seedlings is invaluable to anyone with an interest in forests and woodlands and it is fundamental to practical woodland management. However, identifying seedlings in their first year of growth is not as straightforward as identifying adult trees and shrubs, as they are often strikingly different in appearance.

    Forest Seedlings is a new digital field guide to identifying tree and shrub seedlings in the British Isles. The guide has been developed by experts working for the Forestry Commission in Great Britain and covers nearly 100 species commonly found in British forests and woodlands.

    The guide contains stunning high-resolution images of leaves and other seedling features that can be used for identification. Species can be searched for and listed by their common and scientific names and dynamic filtering allows users to identify seedlings based upon a number of key characteristics. The ‘Field notes’ tool provides an easy way to add notes and automatically record the locations of specimens using the device GPS, which does not require a mobile phone signal

  • New Countryside Stewardship Scheme Information

    On 4th November it was announced that the new environmental land management scheme would be called Countryside Stewardship, which is part of the 2014-2020 Rural Development Programme for England. It will replace the English Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS), Environmental Stewardship and capital grants from the Catchment Sensitive Farming programme.

    A new CAP Reform leaflet called ‘Introducing the new Countryside Stewardship scheme’ has been published on GOV.UK

    The leaflet covers:
    • An introduction to the scheme and how it works
    • Funding available in 2015 including Woodland Creation Grants
    • Facilitation Funding
    • How and when to apply for Countryside Stewardship

    Further information on this scheme was released by DEFRA on 25 November, including payment rates.  Click here for more information.

  • Forestry Apprentice Scheme - get involved!

    Bringing new people into to the industry and improving the connections within the sector is the focus of a new partnership Cumbria Woodlands and the Farmer Network have been developing over the past few months. We are keen to hear from forestry companies who are thinking about taking on extra staff to see how this fits with funded apprenticeship programmes. We will explain the scheme to forest companies and guide you through the application process. The forestry sector needs more trained and knowledgeable people and this is one way of making it happen, which is thanks to support from DEFRA’s Rural Growth Network and the Forestry Commission.  Contact Neville on 01539 822140 or neville@cumbriawoodlands.co.uk to find out more.

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