Timber Measuring and Grading - FULLY BOOKED

Thursday 22 January 2015

Increasing and knowing the value of your assets; Timber measuring and Grading

New techniques in forest valuation and mensuration will give a better understanding to the real commercial value of owner’s assets. We have been using the same systems for over half a century which are inaccurate by 20% in relation to the real log volume and outturn. Updating new techniques and systems to maximise the profitability at relatively low cost MUST be beneficial to the forest sector and specifically the forest owner.

Understanding new techniques is not complicated, you don’t actually know how your TV works, you switch it on and a true picture is there. Forestry inventory using 3D scanning and supplementary systems are no different when tests within the sector have proved very accurate in most cases sub 1%. Knowing any commodity in terms of how you market it is vitally important. Why sell when you don’t actually know what you are selling.

Inventory which is accurate gives confidence to the buyer/sawmill or harvesting company, which in turn pays more. These systems can and are being adopted throughout the UK forestry network, can you afford not to understand them?

Location: Thirlmere

Course Leader: Shaun Mochan

Cost: £60

Persons eligible to receive RDPE funded training are adults (18 years and over) or, if 16 and 17 years old, not in full time education, who are working in forestry management, including sole traders, partners, owners, deer stalkers, supervisors and staff. In the Forestry Sector trainees must be engaged in a business organisation or social enterprise which is dependent on woodland or utilises woodland or forestry products.

Apprentices are eligible to benefit from RDPE funded training that is additional to their apprenticeship training courses. Secondary processing, wholesaling and retailing of woodland and forestry products are ineligible.

Beneficiaries must self-declare that they meet the above criteria, and are therefore eligible to receive RDPE funded training, by signing the RDPE Skills Framework Trainee Enrolment and Declaration Form having ticked the appropriate box against this statement included on the form.

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