How to read the wood below the trees – a workshop based around the National Vegetation Classification (NVC).

Wednesday 30 - Thursday 31 May 2018

About 80% of the vascular plant species in a wood are in the ground flora; they hinder and help tree regeneration, provide food for tiny leaf miners to the all too common deer, protect the soil from erosion and provide a wealth of colour and interest to visitors. Looking at the ground flora can tell you a lot about the soil conditions, the browsing pressure, the history and management of the wood.

This two-day course will provide an introduction to woodland types identified in the National Vegetation classification. We will also touch on ideas about using plants as indicators of soil and light conditions, ancient woodland indicators and how management should take the ground flora into account. We will consider the changing world of woodlands, for example how plant health issues such as ash die back could influence management.

This course is led by Keith Kirby, former Natural England Forestry Officer and an expert in the academic community with a wealth of understanding of ecology, forestry and woodland management. The course will include indoor sessions and visits to various woodlands. Fingers crossed, there might also be time for a cup of tea...

Venue: South Cumbria

Cost: £160

Trainer: Keith Kirby 

Booking: Contact to check availability. A booking form is available for download below. You can also call 01539 792618 where you can leave a message.

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