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Cumbria and the Lake District Trees, Woodlands and Forestry Strategy

This document is based on extensive consultation with a wide range of people and businesses. It reflects their wishes for the long term and illustrates the very real opportunities trees, woodlands and forests offer. The focus is on promoting practical actions which people can take to achieve the overall vision. It does not seek to be prescriptive, but instead prepares the ground for people to come forward with ideas and solutions and commitments for actions.

To access the Strategy please download it by clicking on the link at the foot of the page.

Cumbria and the Lake District Trees, Woodlands and Forestry Action Plan

The Cumbria and Lake District Trees, Woodlands and Forestry Strategy sets out a vision for the trees, woodlands and forests of Cumbria, identifies a number of aims and describes what needs to be achieved if these are to become a reality. To enable this, partners and supporters of the strategy have contributed a number of actions which link to the four themes outlined in the Achieving the Vision section of the strategy (Woodland owners: Woods and trees: A sustainable supply chain: People).

To access the Action Plan please download it below.

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