• WEBINAR- Natural Flood Management In Practice

    Recording of the highly successful webinar is now available here


    Hear about the good, the bad, and the ugly of applying natural flood management. We’re delighted to have representatives from a project at Belford, Northumberland, Slow the Flow in Pickering, plus an overview from Forest Research.

  • This is Big News!

    "Landmark £15 million woodland creation grant opens for applications"

    “Great to see the new suite of planting grants with significantly higher levels launched today that makes woodland creation even more attractive. Forestry grants and regulation continue to lead the way in land use." (Neville Elstone)

    "None of the planned interventions within ELMS has such a robust management plan, against a sector agreed standard and truly pays for public goods like the stackable options do within EWCO.” (Neville Elstone)

    More details here- https://www.gov.uk/government/news/landmark-15-million-woodland-creation-grant-opens-for-applications

  • "Government has published new tree and peat action plans that will help us tackle climate change, protect and restore our trees and reach net zero by 2050."

    Cumbria Woodlands welcomes the launch this week of the England Trees Action Plan, some ambitious “we will’s” in the plan which is great to see. A tripling of establishment rates in England is great to hear, it will be fascinating to see how the interactions of reductions in BPS, ELMS and the new support for creation interplay with the increasing regulatory tensions of peat and breeding birds in the uplands.

    "Plans to treble tree planting rates in England during this Parliament will be funded through £500 million from the Nature for Climate Fund while A major new multimillion pound tree planting grant – the England Woodland Creation Offer - will provide greater financial incentives for landowners and farmers to plant and manage trees."


  • Our PAWS Webinar Series is Now Online!

    The series features 3 recordings-

    • What is Ancient Woodland; what is PAWS?
    • Woodland Restoration and Rhododendron
    • George Peterken, Lady Park Wood

    Catch up with them all ---HERE---

    Or head to our Youtube Page here

  • Our hugely successful ground preparation course is now online!

    This four part course includes presentations, resources and tutorial sessions which cover all aspects of ground preparation for woodland creation. 

    Find it all here- http://www.cumbriawoodlands.co.uk/tree-planting/ground-preparation-for-woodland-creation-course-introduction.aspx

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