As part of our webinar series on ancient semi natural woodland and plantation on ancient woodland site restoration, we have former Director of Cumbria woodlands, Edward Mills. Edward will be speaking with us about an aspect of management that is common, in Cumbria and beyond - tackling rhododendron.

    Monday 17 May 2021 at 7:15 PM to 8:15 PM

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  • Our hugely successful ground preparation course is now online!

    This four part course includes presentations, resources and tutorial sessions which cover all aspects of ground preparation for woodland creation. 

    Find it all here- http://www.cumbriawoodlands.co.uk/tree-planting/ground-preparation-for-woodland-creation-course-introduction.aspx

  • This event will feature Keith Kirby (researcher at University of Oxford Dept of Plant Sciences) presenting, "Woodland plants: colourful past, uncertain future?", and we share George Peterken's marvellous presentation on woodland ecology, "Lady Park Wood, a long-term study", originally for the Bat Conservation Trust.

    12th April at 19.15pm

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  • Sustainable Farm Incentive launches today, it does include an element for small scale woodland creation and lower level interventions for woodland management. This year it is being piloted with a few hundreds of applicants across England before being rolled out to all BPS applicants in March 22. The pilot is only open for farmers who currently get BPS. Our current concern is about the inter relationship between Countryside Stewardship, the new FC grant offer coming in May and ELMS in its broadest sense, especially for woodland creation/management plans. In addition to this more thinking is needed around how deer management is going to be included within the suite of interventions.


  • Throughout March we are offering a free, 6 module course on ground preparation, covering how to successfully plan and carry out ground preparation for woodland creation. Learning consists of online modules and tutorials with opportunities for questions and discussion on the topics covered.

    The course will cover-

    • What is Ground Preparation?
    • Environmental Regulation and Legislation
    • Site Conditions and Tree Growth
    • Ground Preparation Techniques
    • Matching Ground Preparation to the Site
    • Planning and Best Practice - Case Studies

    For More Info Click Here- Course Introduction


    This training course is developed and provided by Cumbria Woodlands. It has been funded by the Forestry Commission in association with Roots to Prosperity, RDI and Martin Glynn. The initial support for this work came from the Forestry Commission through the Research and Development Grant under the Forestry Innovation Fund

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