Are you keen to plant trees, hedges or woodlands in West Cumbria? If so we want to hear from you!

United Utilities have funds available to plant trees, hedges and woodlands in the valleys surrounding the West Cumbria Water Supplies Project.

The fund has been established to off-set the loss of trees and woodland as a result of the water supplies project construction. The funding can be used for plants, planting, fencing and materials to protect the planting along with support for work to involve local communities where appropriate.

Your scheme needs to do the following:

  • Fit with the landscape – fit the existing pattern and landform, reinforcing local landscape character.
  • Benefit wildlife – enhancing the local area for wildlife by connecting and increasing suitable woodland and tree habitat.
  • Protect the environment – by retaining soils and avoiding run-off that can harm local streams and rivers.
  • Involve and engage the local community – supporting action by local communities to improve and enhance their local landscapes.

Cumbria Woodlands will work with landowners and communities to help them develop their ideas for schemes to plant new trees, hedges and woodlands.

Please contact us on 07966 758594 or email if you want to discuss your ideas and arrange a visit.