Here you will find a list of grants to support the establishment of woodland in Cumbria 2021

This list is continually updated and uses the best information we have at the time. If in any doubt email for more information

Woodland Creation Planning Grant

(A great starting point if you’re thinking about creating a woodland of over five hectares)

To support planning required to create woodlands (with a collective area of at least five hectares) in England. 

United Utilities Tree Planting Fund (now closed for new applications)

For projects located near the route of the West Cumbria supply pipeline in the district of Copeland. A tender based system where applicants bid for grant money based on the cost of their proposed project.

Countryside Stewardship (TE4)

(wait until EWCO comes to life in spring 2021)

A grant from the RPA/DEFRA to establish woodland and is paid at £1.28 per tree with a maximum claim of £6800 per hectare
Detailed Information at

Environmental Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO)

The Governments new woodland creation support scheme in England. Open to projects of 1 Hectare and above.
In addition to covering the standard capital costs of tree planting (up to a cap of £8,500 per hectare) and annual maintenance payments of £200 per hectare for 10 years, EWCO also offers 'Additional Contributions' (per hectare) for:

Nature recovery: £1,100 to £2,800
Water quality: £400
Reduced flood risk: £500
Riparian buffers: £1,600
Close to settlements: £500
Public access: £2,200

Woodland Trust Support

Woodland Trust woodland creation officer – Peter Leeson 01768775060 ; it is worth discussing any project in Cumbria with Pete Leeson.

MOREwoods: Where 500+ trees are planted as woodland on at least half a hectare, the Woodland Trust can help with woodland design, suggest a species mix, supply the trees and protection, and cover up to 75% of costs.

Farm support: Funding of up to 100% of costs is available for agroforestry schemes benefiting the business of productive farms
Subsidised tree packs: for projects under 420 trees


(can be used as a top up to many other support interventions but not all)

Sell your carbon sequestered in your woodland to those wish to buy it, a range of operators work in this space.

For more information:

Tree Council Branching Out Fund

Provides grants of up to £1500 for schools and community groups, the project needs to involve young people up to the age of 21.

ELMS pilots (emerging pilots at farm, multiple farm and landscape level)

The Sustainable Farming Incentive pilot offers small scale planting support, the picture at multiple farm and landscape level is yet to emerge, especially the interrelationships with other support measures is also developing.