Wood fuel is a natural, sustainable, and carbon-efficient source of energy. For both economic and environmental reasons we need to find alternative, renewable fuels. With a rich supply of wood available in Cumbria, burning wood is an attractive and sensible solution.
An enclosed wood burning stove with a barrel of logs beside it

If you’re new to wood fuel

Considering switching to wood fuel no doubt raises lots of questions. Take your time to read about why you should burn wood in order to understand if it’s right for you. If you decide that it is, find out about Funding and Grants available to you, and take a look at Burning Wood Well to make sure you get the most from your wood.

If you already use wood fuel

There are lots of further options to consider and tips to improve your efficiency and save resources and money. The information and videos about Burning Wood Well will help you ensure that your wood fuel use is as economical as possible, and our Wood Fuel Advisory Service can help you find ways to become even more self-sufficient.

Reasons why you should burn wood

If you burn quality, dry wood fuel from a local supplier it is:

  • More affordable than oil or electricity, and the price is much less likely to rise
  • Renewable and sustainable, since by law any supplier must replant a tree for every tree they fell
  • Low-carbon and can reduce CO2 emissions by 90% compared to fossil fuels

In the long-run, if more people burnt wood it would create a larger market for wood fuel, which would not only bring about competitive pricing but encourage the management of more woodland areas, promoting the many benefits of woodland management.

Top tip: Burning wood fuel itself is a carbon neutral process. The wood only releases as much CO2 as it absorbed while growing. The reason why wood fuel isn’t completely carbon neutral is that there is some CO2 cost during processing and transport. The less distance the wood travels, the more environmentally friendly the process, so there is good reason to buy local!

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