A series of talks on PAWS and Ancient and (Semi-Natural) woodland

Webinar 1- What is Ancient Woodland; what is PAWS?

This session featured Alan Crawford, Outreach Adviser for Woodland Trust as we talk about woodlands' historical context including:

  • What used to be wooded; what’s wooded now?
  • How much Ancient Semi Natural Woodland/Plantation on Ancient Woodland is there and why is ancient woodland important?
  • What’s the potential for different types of Plantation on Ancient Woodland, and what are we looking for?
  • How do we assess their health and resilience?
  • What the broad principles, and where do we need to be site specific?


Webinar 2- Woodland Restoration and Rhododendron

As part of our series on the restoration of ancient semi-natural woodland and plantation on ancient woodland sites. Edward Mills talks us through some of the issues with rhododendron.

Bonus Film- George Peterken, Lady Park Wood

Part of our series on ancient woodland restoration - hear about Lady Park Wood from George Peterken. Enjoy his beautiful photographs, informed observations, and how unpredictable it all is!